Three Seven Marketing Group Scam, No Real job opportunity

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Ok, Where to begin?

I answered an ad on for what was advertised as an excellent opportunity, i was intrigued so i sent a resume and came in for my first interview.

Tara explained the 'business' to me, got me excited about an 'opportunity' and invited me back for the second round interview.

the second round interview was interesting to say the least.

i got to the office about 9 am and went to 'the field' with one of their fancy titled door to door sales people. the guy was a total *** by the way.

we drove to our area (an hour away, and he said he spent his own money on gas without reimbursement) and then spent the ENTIRE day driving/walking to various businesses, barging in unannounced and demanding to speak to the person in charge. he called it 'taking control' i called it "embarrasing and rude" anyway, the entire day was spent getting kicked out of various local establishments while trying to sell them office supplies, reguardless of wether they needed them or not.

example, a business we walked into had at most, three employees. the salesman, i forgot his name, tried to sell him five boxes of paper. even though the guy had already mentioned that he used one box per year.

i watched as the customer grew angry and frusturated at this sutuation, i could tell he was just trying to be nice and not kick us out. but the sales rep kept pushing and pushing and finally the guy yelled at us and told us he would call the police if he saw us again.

anyway... this business made me follow them around all day with no compensation, didn't even offer to buy me lunch, i had to ask many times to go to the bathroom, i got yelled at for using my phone in his car, he told me it was disrespectful.

i asked him when we were heading back to the office he said we would be back about 5-5:30 because he hadn't made a sale yet and was going to go the extra mile.

i demanded that he take me back early because i couldnt stand to walk into another one of these businesses and embarras myself.

when we got back to the office he brought me up to tara's office where she sat me down and asked me a lot of condescending questions in an attempt to make herself feel superior. things like ' you dont see the obvious advantage to this business?' and tried to sell me on joining her company,

i just said no and left.

my day would have been better spent walking barefoot on broken glass.


here's the jeff foxworthy way of explaining it.

If you are the kind of person that wants to hard sell office supplies to people that cant afford them or do not want them. this job is for you.

if you like to drive your own car over 100 miles a day without any reimbursement. this job is for you

if you like 100% comission sales with no salary or benefits, this job is for you.

if you like to work for a bi*ch of a boss that talks to everyone like she owns them. this job is for you.

if you live in a fantasy world where doing the same thing over and over and over again gets you different're insane.

from what i gather, the average person lasts about 3 weeks at this job. and does not collect a paycheck at the end of it.

avoid this business at all costs!

you have been warned!

Review about: Cydcor.



Tara is actually in Philadelphia now as part of Philadelphia Marketing Executives.I knew the scam as soon as I walked through the door.

People should never be that pumped up in the morning. The only reason I'd work there is the bang all the hot girls. Especially Kirby, daymannnn.

Southern Belle who seems too smart to be drinking the juice because she is the one pouring it.Mmmph.

Addison, Texas, United States #719922

I worked for Cydcor in Birmingham, First interview out of College.It was AT&T that you sold.

It is a scam everywhere. They lie saying you have insurance. that is bs. I quit when they wanted me to drive people, waisting my gas driving 2 hours to Atlanta.

Now Im looking for a job in dfw, 7 called me and when they said bring 2 resumes I knew who it was.Be warned


it is great opportunity for people who wants to get better,sucsess for their own buisness, i saw tara when she is still in sales biz.

well is all up to you, is not for every body, is just for people who want something more in life,ambitius people,hard working people,and focus with just the positive in life.


it is great opportunity for people who wants to get better,sucsess for their own buisness, i saw tara when she is still in sales biz.

well is all up to you, is not for every body, is just for people who want something more in life,ambitius people,hard working people,and focus with just the positive in life.


I applied with one company, went in for the interview, and today got called by Three Seven for an interview.They share the same office, and when I went to get more information this is the first thing that popped up!!!

I feel like a fool!!! NOT HAPPY!!!

There are good workers out there and all we are all doing is trying to find a good job!!!!This company makes me sick!


I went to this interview and got invited to a second but I read these reviews and more.Thank God, I would have been furious if I had to do the door to door ***.

"Human Resources" (Morgan) knew I was coming up form Florida and didn't say a word about this shady business.

Fortunately it didn't matter too much to me because I fly for free but if not I would really be furious.Thank you to everyone who posted this because you saved me from being scammed by these people.

to FL #602334

I was initially confused between Three Seven Marketing and 7 Marketing (guess they changed the co name now).Although thanks to your comment mentioning Morgan from HR, I now know its the same co that responded to my job application in less than 5 minutes of application.

I however confirmed to the interview for tomorrow. Just as I was about to get my formals ready, I realized they didn't mention anything about the job profile and logged in and looked for reviews. This really really helped and I'm relieved that my doubts were right.

I'm not even gonna call them and cancel the interview.It's gonna be a 'No Show'


They don't call the field interview "The Day of O (Observation) anymore? What a scam.



Woah! Before reading this, I had just responded to an email to set up an interview. I'm very thankful for communities of people such as yourselves, who care about their fellow human being enough to warn them about evil scams.

Good luck on the job search, folks!


I would like to thank the poster of this for saving my time and money attending these "interviews". I have included as my complaint the email I sent to Three Seven Marketing's Tara.

I did not attend our interview meeting due to the following:

After researching, I discovered this position appeared to be a scam. I was seeking a real position not door to door sales. Your website tries to be professional however you don't mention anything you do besides assisting fortune 500 companies, the biggest issue I found with your website is that it is not focused towards any potiental customers at all more-so just something you can attach to the bogus posting on Even your Facebook page threw up flags in my head, why has this Amber been promoted so much in less than one calender year. I also began to question it when your job posting states a 4-year degree is required, when communicating on the phone I mentioned more than once I have yet to achieve my 2-year degree; and yet you were going to put me into a sales role geared toward management (which sounded tempting, partially why I first fell for the gimmick) Then I found a testimonial of another person who was told the same.

For the success of your "marketing" firm you may want to take a look at how many people have left comments on your business, on Please in the future I think you should HIGHLY reconsider how you word your postings on job market web-sites, just be...

I presently work for a fortune 500 company, so why should I leave my desk to walk door to door with no real compensation for my time or gas (which is repulsive, just look at the cost of gas nowadays) .

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.I'm So Glad You Posted This I Got A Call Today Asking Me To Bring Two Copies Of My Resume To Be Trained As A Manager I Have No Prior Work Experience Or Anything. Glad I Did My Research


could "adult" be someone within three seven marketing?? LOL!


I think all of you are a sad excuse for a human race, lazy would be such an acurate word for you more less.Get up and do something for yourself besides leaning on the false acqusations of the internet and whiney people with no work ethic, try somethinhg out for yourself and then make a decisoin.

obviously a company could not be in business and open if it was not legit.

Learn what a pyrimid scheme is also while you idiots are surfing the web, they are different.Ignorance is bliss, and its the perfect time to be a college grad if you know how to be productive with your life.


yea so i went to the interview.from the second of walking in there i knew this place had a shady vibe.

i did the interview after being asked a few questions i was hired on the backround check no social security number NOTHING!... right then and there i knew this was a joke and a waste ot time and gas! i later got home looked it up online and sure enough there were people that shared the same story.

i cant believe there are people out there that get away with this ***!get a life and earn an honest living!


Wow I just got an email from Tara her self... ha ha! Glad I found this before going into the interview!


***!!im glad i read this before i drove all da way out there for that ***!

i had an interview upcoming and she told me there is no door to door sales. which is basically what it is if u going from place to place. regardless of home or not! me for one is not with walking around to do anything!

and driving my car all over the city and not get paid for it on somebody elses time is definitely out of the question!THANKS!!


If the opportunity is to good to be true, it is.I saw one of their ads to bring your dog to work.

That's because Sparky will be sitting in the back seat of your car while you're out peddling pens to businesses. Places like that find the weak people(trying not to offend) who are going to buy into their process. The extreme pushiness of the salespeople stems from the fact that they don't get a dime if they don't close that deal. Being in sales myself, the salesperson in the example above did have a stench of douchebaggery, I will give them that.

But he like most alpha males, needed to pump up his chest for his companion for the day.

As for him not buying you lunch, unless his work gave him an allowance to do so.That's not his job to feed you.Lets not forget if his sales tactics are a reflex on how he conducts business, do you think he can afford to buy you lunch?


Are you referring to the three seven marketing group out of MIchigan?


Thank you for posting this.It's much appreciated.

I have wasted my time, WAY TOO MUCH TIME, with these scam jobs that are door to door sales, and that I had thought sounded hopeful from the start.

I really appreciate this. Good luck to you and all the hopefuls that are trying to find a decent job in this horrible economy.

Worst time to be a college grad.:(


Yup. Three seven marketing is a joke.

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